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Brand Development (Branding)
Become the brand! Complete branding campaigns from research to implementation. We walk clients through the process of building audience authority and trust. Then we help them develop strong feedback recognition and referral channels to take their business viral to their target clientele.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our aggressive white-hat SEO practices create amazing ROI for clients who need to expand their site visibility. We have built extensive SERPs domination in competitive verticals that show several of our client sites on the same (1st page) of Google search results. Our SEO services include full ROI accountability via real time reporting and results tracking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
We’ve managed over $10,000,000 in successful Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing campaigns for Clients. We can manage PPC campaigns on all major platforms for any budget. We also provide third party results tracking and live visitor experience tracking. We see exactly what customers are doing on your site; then we  improve user experience.

Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing)
Smart phones and other mobile devices now outnumber desktop and laptop computers over 4-to-1. That means at any given time over 5.1 billion people are surfing the web on their mobile phones. Rovin Net Mobile Marketing bring your brand and message to those surfers to build brand and loyalty.

Viral Video Marketing
Social Video sites now far outreach websites and even search engines for sheer traffic and Time on Page metrics. Our video production expertise enables us to concept, script, and produce viral video marketing spots for clients and also to promote them into the millions-of-views popularity zone using social media and SEO campaigns.

Internet Marketing
From landing page design to copy optimization to split testing to conversion scenarios we help clients generate revenue. Branding and advertising are meaningless without solid marketing to reap the gains clients expect. We’ve been in the Internet Marketing game since the inception of the Internet. It evolves and we evolve. Simple and powerful.

Social Media Marketing
We keep our clients top-of-mind with powerful conversation management and social buzz tools. Social media has broken through to become the principal reputation and word-of-mouth marketplace. Our clients enjoy free Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn applications to build their social reach and convert it into sales.

Reputation Management and Monitoring
We employ multiple proprietary programs to proactively monitor clients online reputation. We track search engine results, forums, social media, blog posts, comment conversations, review sites, and even video activity. When negative mentions are found we take action to suppress the content using industry best practice techniques.

Membership Site Development
Rovin Net has developed membership sites and campaigns that have created over $25M in eCommerce revenue for clients. Let us help you turn your expertise into a membership program. Share your knowledge and content and make recurring revenue.

Streaming Media Content Delivery
We launched our first online radio station for a client back in 1997 and that station and client are still with us. We’ve developed talk radio and music radio stations. We’ve created loyalty and membership programs for clients that convert streaming media costs into profitable web media revenue.

Mobile Website and App Development
Interactive mobile devices are now the wave and most media experts (including our staff) agree that mobile devices will one day replace desktop and laptop devices for daily Internet activity. We advise our clients not to ignore the mobile market and help them develop branded mobile apps to stay in constant touch with their customers.

Website Development
We do every kind of site, from complex multi-domain enterprise application sites to simple WordPress blogs for clients.

Web Hosting
Thousands of sites for thousands of clients — all with 100% uptime and world class features.

Business Coaching
Direct coaching to help clients navigate the integration of their business to the web and social sphere.

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