Cloud Database Application Development

Rovin Net develops custom database applications in the cloud. No matter what type of data you need to manage, the advantages of a cloud data app are many:

  • Redundant geo-fronted cloud storage for data and interface
  • No local iron (boat anchor) servers to manage and patch
  • Disaster PROOF! Risk distributed cloud infrastructure
  • Fully responsive interfaces - Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Phone
  • Custom programmed triggers, alerts, schedules, conditionals
  • Zero software liability - common web browser access
  • World class security - HIPAA compliant - SSL/256 AES
  • Access management for admins, employees, even sub-clients
  • Fully licensed platform SaaS subscription model reduces TCO
  • Turnkey monthly fee: consulting, design, & hosting

Contact Rovin Net today and learn how we can build your custom database app in the cloud for a small monthly fee.

Rovin Net Cloud Database Applications Wire Your Business to the Cloud