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Create a Mobile Marketing App

Rovin Net Mobile Marketing Apps are a complete solution for your mobile website and mobile rovin-net-mobile-application-control-panelmarketing needs. Our development platform is now available in two flavors. Our flagship managed solution and our new do-it-yourself design and management panel.

As always, Rovin Net is At Your Servers and ready to consult, develop and design your custom mobile app professionally and affordably.

Or try our new DIY Mobile Application Design and Management Solution!

Create AWESOME Mobile Marketing Applications that integrate with our Mobile Marketing Services  or function as a complete stand alone mobile website solution with coupons, forms, slideshows, video, and much much more.

The choice is yours! Build your own solution with our feature rich design and management system with no coding or programming required! We provide a world class design environment so you can create your own application with drag-and-drop ease! Just drag interactive App Widgets from our constantly growing library of components to add dynamic and powerful functionality to your mobile app!

Rovin Net Mobile Marketing Application Features!



Our world-class Mobile Design Platform will unleash the marketing potential of your business. Create compelling web experiences for visitors without having to learn HTML code or scripting. Here are just a few of the features you can add to your site with DRAG & DROP ease!

Mobile Galleries, Animated Slide Shows, Image galleries and Videos:

  • Showcase your offerings via custom images, interactive and animated image galleries.
  • Add multiple interactive actions to any graphic (tap-to-call, links, SMS, sharing).
  • Embed YouTube videos in mobile pages.

Add M-commerce to Accept Payments or Donations on Your Mobile Pages:

  • Process payments via credit card or a PayPal account (requires merchant services)
  • Set product options, sell multiple products.
  • For donations – set fixed amount or supporters can enter any amount they want to contribute.
  • Set custom “Thank you” or “Cancel” confirmation pages to redirect customers to after checkout.

Flexible Mobile Page Structure: Icon-based, “Top-to-Bottom”, Accordion, a Combination of all, or a Fully Custom “Free Form” Design!

Freedom to design. You need it to be competitive. Our platform allows you to create a truly free form design. So let your imagination run wild. It’s okay. There’s no danger.

With our app-panel widget you can rovin-net-mobile-site-designergive your mobile page an icon-based “App Look” structure. Or if you prefer a “top-to-bottom” organization, you can do so easily by adding collapsible panels or links to your mobile page. Or simply upload your custom creative design graphics and make them interactive by adding “hot spots”.

With the Rovin Net Mobile App Design Platform you are not locked into any templates or layouts. Simply drag any components to the mobile page and organize them in any way you need.

Then within each component you click tick boxes and adjust settings to define all the details for that component. It is a very easy process — made even easier by the wealth of tool tips and hints throughout the design studio that help you understand what each setting means and how it will effect your mobile app once it is published.

We have worked diligently to make the Rovin Net Mobile Marketing Application Design Studio a perfect balance between ease of use, feature flexibility, and absolute mobile creative power!


Create Rich and Original Mobile Experiences

  • Easily create original mobile experiences for your visitors.
  • Build a 100% custom look for any mobile landing page or a mobile website with no programming skill (no CSS or HTML coding).
  • You can even design your mobile page (or sections of it) in Photoshop or your favorite design program, slice it into a few graphics, upload the graphics and assign your interactive spots (links, tap-to-call actions, sharing, etc.) to the graphics.
  • Design the exact look you want, with zero programming and zero pain.

Custom Color Gradients and Rounded Corners

Select any widget component or image and set custom gradients and rounded corners to add distinction — including image galleries, videos, forms, headers, and links!

Automatic Image Resizing and Cloud Storage

  • Never again worry about image optimization and load speeds.
  • Images are automatically resized for best performance and display speed on your mobile pages.
  • Automated cloud storage and hosting assures stunning site and app speed.

Collapsible (Accordion) Panels:

  • Design collapsible page sections, to make your visitor experience very responsive and intuitive.
  • Collapsible panels let you deliver more information when your visitor wants it, or they snap shut to save scrolling and screen space.
  • Perfect for organizational list, restaurant menus, long text sections etc.

Mobile RSS Feed

  • Add RSS feeds for news or social account content with no programming.
  • Include your blog, news stream, or RSS content from your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account with our drop-dead simple RSS widget.

Maps, Directions & GEO location

  • Embedded maps based on address or longitude and latitude (for countries with limited Google Maps support)
  • Provide directions to your business location from the visitor’s current location (via GPS)
  • GEO location support for multi-store operations so that customers can find the closest location.

Device Detection Wizards and Scripts

  • Optimized for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and feature phones.
  • Rich experiences for smart phones and most modern phones, with content still available in a basic form for not-so-smart devices.

Raw HTML Code

  • Copy and paste raw HTML for any 3rd party platforms that require custom embed code like opt-in lead forms, text or banner ad placement or analytics tracking.

Multi-Language Support

  • Mobile pages can be built in any language supported by popular browsers.
  • System is updated frequently to add new core features.



Create Powerful Mobile Opt-in forms with just a few clicks!

  • Infinite Flexibility! Design forms for list building, lead generation, giveaway campaigns, custom feedback feedback and surveys.
  • Interactive Data: Create custom mobile forms for lead collection, sweepstakes, newsletter signup.
  • Opt-in List Building! Create list building campaigns by hiding mobile coupons or offers behind a mobile lead generation opt-in form your visitors must fill out to get the discount.
  • Marketing Integration! Automatically push form submissions to Zoho, Mailchimp, ExactTarget or export your new leads to a spreadsheet.
  • Data Pipelining! Custom form field mapping to initiate 3rd party marketing campaigns based on the visitor’s interest or source.
  • Loyalty and Stickiness: Increase customer loyalty and engagement by rewarding them with specials when they fill out a survey.


Rovin Net PREMIUM Mobile Sites come with a powerful COUPON GENERATION tool that includes:

  • Controlled Redemption Features: Your Mobile Coupons can be redeemed only once per customer (to help prevent coupon fraud or reuse abuse)
  • Have Several Locations? Your Coupons can be redeemed at multiple stores, with store tracking rovin-net-mobile-coupon-featuresby store number.
  • GEO Location Coupons: With multiple location redemption your mobile site visitors see the location closest to them.
  • Automated scheduling Create timed campaign based on start date and expiration date.
  • Social Coupon Sharing! Your coupons can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
  • Virtual Coupon Snipping! Provide an option to save the coupon to the visitor’s phone or let them email it to themselves.
  • Tracking and Statistics! Coupon redemptions are recorded in your Rovin Net Mobile Site Control Panel.
  • Exciting Multimedia Coupons! Add any of our amazing app widgets to the coupon mobile page (image galleries, video, etc) to showcase your product or offering.


Take your marketing message VIRAL by adding cool Social Media widgets to your mobile marketing app.

Tell-a-friend and Social Sharing:

  • Promote your business with our “Social Buzz” widget for sharing on social networks.
  • Let visitors share your brand message on on Facebook, or post to their Twitter account.
  • Visitors can also push your message to fiends via email.

Social Network Marketing Connections:

  • Send your mobile marketing message viral with social network connector widgets and Rovin Net Marketing
  • Add Rovin Net Mobile Marketing to create awesome opt-in campaigns across major social networking communities. (Optional)
  • On-the-go customers can follow your news on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google Places, and any other popular social network.
  • Combine with other Rovin Net Services like Marketing Message Propagation, Opt-in Email Campaigns, Video Marketing, Viral Multiplication, and Table Tent- Flyer Distribution.


  • Create Custom QR (Quick Response) Codes to accommodate tech-savvy customers, or go low tech with postcards! Either way your marketing message can go viral.
  • Generate QR codes from the design studio.
  • Track your QR code scans (redemptions) and conversions.
  • Redirect QR codes to new content anytime.
  • Never Reprint Flyers (print once, use many times) just because details change.
  • Customize QR codes with the color of your choice right from control panel.


Our Mobile Marketing Website Design Studio features integrated ground-up SEO features. Take advantage of the mobile search explosion by starting your mobile app out with strong SEO.

Your App – Optimized for Search Engines:

  • SEO-friendly mobile structure assures compliance.
  • Page Wizard provides ability to add Meta Description tags and SEO Optimized Page Titles.
  • SEO-friendly URLs let you create pages with keyword logic and solid navigation semantics.





Rovin Net has been hosting enterprise web services for clients for over 15 years. Our cloud services and high-availability hosting networks are behind each Mobile Marketing App. Hosting for your mobile app is included at no extra charge.

Host on a Custom .mobi or m. Domain!

  • Select a custom .mobi domain or a for hosting your mobile site.
  • Rovin Net Hosting customers get free hosting and redirection services.
  • Free MOBI domain included for customer who order a yearly package.



  • Mobile pages can be saved to your visitors’ phones.
  • Design Studio tools let you create an APP option (similar to traditional app download, where the app icon is added to the phone’s home screen).
  • Add custom branded download instructions to your mobile web app or landing pages.
  • The platform displays the instructions based on the visitor’s device.
  • Upload your own home screen icon and even the designate the splash screen your user would see when the web app is being loaded on iPhones.



Choose a Flavor to Create a Mobile Marketing App