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Mobile Website and App Development

Rovin Net Mobile Site and Mobile App Development

You know the value of having a website. It is critical to any business to have a presence on the web. But did you now that up to 40% of the visitors (and growing) to your website are viewing it on a mobile device?

Currently Mobile surfers outnumber desktop and laptop surfers by 4-to-1, so investing in a mobile presence means high ROI. A custom made mobile website or app from Rovin Net gives smart device visitors a professional impression of your business.

Our team of experts can develop any type of mobile app for any platform.

How does your site look on a mobile device?

Mobile Sites by Rovin Net - Before and After

Statistics reveal that 90% of businesses do not have a mobile optimized website for their visitors. This means that customers who visit those websites have a very poor experience.

  • Visitors cannot see all of the site details, navigation is a difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • Images are not optimized for mobile so pages take forever to display.
  • Flash and other dynamic content is not even visible to most mobile visitors.
  • Poor visitor experience hurts your website SEO and search ranking.
  • A mobile version is fast, user friendly, and totally Googleicious!

We’ll spare you the gory details about how important it is to have a well designed and fully validated website and mobile website. Never has it been more important to your business to pay attention to these trends and stay up to speed.

The search engine battleground is getting harder to compete in, and one of the most effective tools to stay competitive is a fully validated mobile website.

It’s only a small investment to present a high quality mobile experience to your visitors. There are three options that Rovin Net consultants can navigate for you. We can develop a mobile version of your website, a complete redesign of your site as a responsive site, or a custom mobile app.

We’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each option with you to make sure you know the benefits and costs involved. Unless your company is ready for a full website facelift, the least expensive alternative is a mobile version of your website.

Still not sure if mobile sites are critical for your business or just a new fad?

We understand the challenges that business owners face everyday trying to keep up with new trends. Mobile Websites and Mobile Marketing are not fads, they are important consumer trends that will make or break your business in the near future.

Rovin Net is here to help your business success. Please take a moment to watch our short presentation by clicking the thumbnail, then contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Responsive Site? Mobile Site? Mobile App? What’s the Difference and Which One Does my Company Need?

No worries. The differences are clear and the choice is simple.

Responsive Website Design (Responsive Sites) by Rovin Net are developed from the ground up to present your content on all platforms. Advantages of Responsive Website Design Include:

  • Looks good and works on all platforms.
  • Single development and content management system to manage.

Disadvantages include:

  • Requires a complete redesign of web presence.
  • Being adaptive to various devices requires extra processes and development.
  • Responsive sites sometimes require compromises in design and features.

Mobile Websites by Rovin Net are developed to present your web content to a wide array of mobile devices, smart phones, tablet devices, etc. They utilize standards that are specific to mobile display, e.g., touch awareness, display sizing, and mobile-centric marketing features. Benefits of a mobile site include:

  • Can be design to match your main site.
  • Offer instant access to critical information without a lot of navigation.
  • Provide “Click-to-call” and other mobile advantages.
  • Work on all devices and platforms.
  • Mobile sites are instantly available and do not require user download or installation.

Disadvantages are:

  • Require development outside of the main website system.
  • Cannot perform some advanced web services.

Mobile Apps by Rovin Net are developed specifically for a target mobile device platform. Advantages include:

  • Virtually any programmatic operation can be developed into a mobile app.
  • Apps can be uploaded to the App Store and GooglePlay to get more exposure.
  • Apps are specific to the platform so no compromises are needed in features.
  • Mobile Apps can be developed and then sold for a profit.

Disadvantages are:

  • Platform specific, so require parallel development for target platforms.
  • Require approval by Apple and Google quality review systems prior to deployment.
  • Must be downloaded and installed to a mobile device in order to operate.

Don’t be fooled. These differences are important!

Recently there has been a growth of services popping up offering “Mobile Apps” services. These services attempt to blur the line between the various options for mobile device applications.

When you look closer you will discover that these services only offer one type of service – Mobile Websites. They try to make it seem like their mobile websites are mobile apps and ignore the distinction — usually because they do not have the ability to create true Apps.

Be sure to contact Rovin Net today for a free consultation to determine your mobile development needs.