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Mobile Marketing Upgrade

Need to upgrade your mobile marketing package or features?

Option #1: Changing your Recurring Monthly Package

Please note if you wish to upgrade your current recurring billing package, please call our toll-free number and a consultant will assist you through the upgrade/downgrade process. Our goal is to help you get the most cost effective solution for your marketing goals.


Option #2: Adding Additional Custom Campaign Keywords to Your Account

All Rovin Net Mobile Marketing accounts come with a Primary Campaign Keyword and unlimited sub-group keywords. However, some clients add extra Custom Campaign Keywords in order to create new campaigns or for different marketing objectives. Please call us to register new custom keywords for your account.

Option #3: Adding a Rollover Message Bundle to Your Account

Running low on messages? Using a Rovin Net Rollover Message Bundle is perfect for very active campaigns to increase activity beyond their normal message quota, or if you simply wish to have insurance against going over your current package limits. If you would like to add a ROLLOVER MESSAGE BUNDLE to your current account use this handy upgrade form to purchase a bundle with any credit card or Paypal account.


  • Rollover bundles never expire as long as your main account stays active with us.
  • Rollover messages can be used for all keywords and sub-keywords in your account.
  • Rollover messages are non-refundable so please confirm order before checkout.


Thank you again for using Rovin Net Mobile Marketing!