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Mobile Marketing

Create Foot Traffic
Get More Sales
Improve Custom Loyalty

Need more customers and clients? Of course you do.

Rovin Net will help you connect with customers and build your brand loyalty. As your mobile marketing prospect list grows, your business and brand reach grows.

Reach out, deploy your brand and marketing message to any smart device on demand!
Drive new and repeat customers to your business daily.

Powered by our world-class feature set: Mobile Coupons, Text Blasts, QR Codes, Auto-responders, Appointment Management, Quizzes, Surveys, Contests, and Much More!

What is Mobile Marketing?

Nearly everyone understands email and text messaging. Mobile marketing is the equivalent of using email newsletters and auto-responders to communicate with your customers. However, SMS marketing is channeled to consumers via their ever present mobile device.

With mobile marketing, every consumer with a cell phone is a potential opt-in customer who wants to know the latest news and special offers from your company. However, unlike email marketing (or other forms of advertising) mobile marketing provides huge advantages. You can expect 97% READ RATES! Expect special offer and coupon redemption rate OVER 10% and UP TO 70%.

Mobile marketing by Rovin Net leverages the urgency factor provided by permission-based contact on consumers personal mobile devices and smart phones. For example:

1. Do most people you know own a cell phone? Do you?
2. Do you have your phone with you now?
3. When you get a text message, do you read it?


Not only is Mobile Marketing a major consumer trend, it is showing exponential growth. Most experts with us that mobile SMS message marketing is absolutely critical to staying competitive. Nearly ALL of your competitors will be using mobile marketing to increase sales and customer loyalty in the coming months and years.

Don’t just take our word for it. Please take a moment to watch a short video presentation about mobile marketing that provides some startling statistics about your customers and how they are using their cell phones to stay connected with their favorite businesses.

Mobile Marketing can help any business increase sales, foot traffic, customer loyalty and viral reach. Contact us today to learn how easy it is or Get Start Today with Rovin Net Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing Works!

Mobile Marketing from Rovin Net helps any type of business or organization:

Restaurants – Bars

  • Discounts – Buy-one-get-one deals, drink specials, slow-day promotions
  • Happy hours – Promote specials and crowd pulling discounts
  • Events – Live band playing? Draw a crowd to any event


  • Coupons – Move stock, create viral promos, develop loyalty
  • New products – Create buzz about new items
  • Sales – Use pre-sale promos to create sale day traffic
  • Lead generation –

Government – Municipal

  • Alerts – Dispatch emergency messages
  • Reminders – Utility bill reminders, upcoming elections and meetings


  • Alerts – School meetings, class cancellation
  • Reminders – Report cards out, extracurricular events


  • Appointment reminders – Reduce no-shows, make scheduling easier
  • Payment reminders – Send a notice to follow up standard billing
  • Openings in schedule – Manage scheduling and rescheds

Real Estate

  • Listing info – Push the right property to the right buyer
  • Home updates – Changes in marketing status or price reductions
  • Appointment reminders – Help make agent time more efficient
  • Open Houses – Go further to promote open house events

Automotive sales

  • New product promo – Promo manufacturer incentive programs
  • Sales – Blast deals and promos to your list
  • Lead generator – Build a list of qualified customers using incentives


  • Alerts – Prayer requests, church events and group meetings
  • Reminders – Upcoming classes, youth camps, and fellowship reminders

Events – Venues

  • New shows – Pre-show promotions increase turnout
  • Reminders – Special promotions for upcoming events

Golf – Recreation

  • Tee time reminders – Post tee-time reminders to club members
  • Tournaments – Promote and gather a crowd, update contestants
  • Discounts – Slow-day promotions help get them on the links
  • Closures – Rain outs, renovations, other news updates build member loyalty

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