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Configuring your POP Email

Hi folks;
Well the Rovin Net email system migration is now complete and our server logs show most members are seeing the new system. If you are seeing this new website and message then your location is caught up to the DNS changes.

Now that the email is pointed to the Google Apps system, you may want to use your own POP Email Client to handle your email. Here are the instructions for setting up your POP email.

First, you must log into your new webmail interface in order to enable POP on your account and get the server settings. Read the article from yesterday for the link and log in details.

— Once you log into your Rovin Net webmail interface, go to the ‘Settings’ link on the very top right part of the screen.

— In the Settings Screen find and click the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ link in the settings top menu.

— Leave this screen open and use your system menu to open your email client. For example, click the START button and choose ‘ALL PROGRAMS’ and then ‘Outlook Express’ if you have XP with Outlook Express.

— Once your email program is open, go back to your browser and find thePop Download section of the Forwarding and POP/IMAP section:

Pop email settings

Pop email settings

— Click the bullet to ‘Enable POP for ALL Email. You can also decide if you want to archive email in your Google Apps account, if so then make that selection under option #2.

— Then click the link in option #3 labeled Configuration Instructions. This will let you access a complete set of instructions with screenshots to set up your favorite email client.

These settings will be in the accounts or Preferences screen of your email program. Use the settings provided to configure your email program to send and receive Rovin Net email securely.

Thanks again for your patience with this migration. We are already getting good feedback on the new system and features. A few members have also told us they have abandoned their email programs and are now using the web interface since it is integrated with the other applications.

Until next time, we’re At Your Servers…

Rovin Net