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Casing the iPhone Case Market

I, at one point in my life possessed a Samsung GALAXY. It was OK. It had its share of apps, I went out and bought a unique Samsung GALAXY case and even had a number of of cool wallpapers. I always secretly envied my friend’s iPhone though; the sleekness in its construction and the known quality of Apple products has always tickled my fancy. I finally went out and bought myself an iPhone 4 with an extra iPhone charger, but have yet to choose which fresh iPhone case I wanted to sport. Plus, I’ve discovered the vast array of iPhone accessories which I can browse and shop for hours at a time.

Immediately, I went home and began to play with my iPhone. I could discern the operation class between the same apps on the different operating systems instantaneously. I killed on Veg-samurai and i Copter like never before. I was able to set up my email accounts and swiftly download all of my news apps to stay up to date on current events.

Browsing different sites, there were products such as iPhone alarm clocks to really good stereo speaker docks and portable stereo speaker systems, all at the reach of my fingertips. And I hadn’t even visited the Apple store yet. There are an overwhelming amount of types of headphones to choose from and yes, even cases. There are so many cases, too many cases, cases for every function and need. Do I want one that focuses on durability, one that I could drop on the concrete and toss around with a level of carelessness?

Or do I want one whose style explicitly says “This is my iPhone.” What kind of color, shape, design, and materials says “me” the most? I finally went with the basic yet durable black rubber iPhone case in addition to getting a third iPhone charger. (I never had good luck with chargers.) Since then, I’ve dropped my new toy several times and I must say, I do not miss my old Samsung GALAXY cases. It’s resisted every shot it has taken with great reliability and I’m not looking back.

Some folks swear by the Android market. They will hate on Apple and everything associated with the company but it’s because they are either jealous, or ignorant to the quality that Apple produces in each of its products. I’m not here to sway a person one way or another but if you’re looking into buying a smart phone, make sure you look at all the options available to you as a consumer. You might just find that some products are actually better than others.

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