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With the Rovin Net Cloud Drive service you can safely store, secure, share, and sync your critical company data.

Our Cloud Drive solution provides affordable cloud storage in hardened data centers with complete control via client software Databasemanagement so you control who can access specific data.

Rovin Net Cloud Drive provides four key disaster proofing and productivity advantages:  

  • Automated Data Backups - via scheduler of selected folders and drives.
  • Mapped Network Drives - forget complicated local NAS hardware. Use the cloud to securely share network drives.
  • Folder-File Synchronization - create sync folders that allow you to work offline and then automatically sync changes to the cloud folder when you connect.
  • Public Link Sharing - create sharable links to files on your cloud drive, then email links to your contacts instead of huge email attachments.

Cloud Network Storage with Local Network Level Controls


  • Create a virtually unlimited number of distinct cloud drives, then define which staff members can access which drives.
  • Easy to Deploy... Don't Worry! We'll set up the whole network of drives and access mapping for you!
  • Each user license can access an unlimited number of Cloud drives.
  • User licenses start at $9.95 per month or $99 per year (two months free!)
  • We offer volume license and storage* discounts for larger networks.

* Data storage rates also apply. Only $0.25 per Gigabyte per month with discounts as your needs grow.

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Ready to Deploy?

Deploy to Windows Workstations

Download our Cloud Drive Workgroup Management Client 

Click Here for 32 bit client installer

Deploy to Mac Workstations (10.3.9 or later)

Download our Cloud Drive Workgroup Management Client for MAC OS - Power PC - IntelMacs etc.

Rovin Net Cloud Drive Web Based Access:

Are you away from your computer but still need to access your cloud drives?

Simply log into our Web Based Cloud Drive Interface to manage your data.