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Rovin Net News

Rovin Net Acquires Louisiana Music Radio Network

Well it’s official! Rovin Net has acquired the Louisiana Music Radio Network. The LMR network includes 2 social network properties and a membership site. Cajun Music Radio is a thriving social network with over 3000 active members who love and live for Cajun music. Zydeco Music Radio is also a popular social network focused on…

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Internet Business Consulting

Internet Business Consulting – Thanks for visiting Rovin Net. We’ve been in the internet marketing and business development field for over 14 years now. That’s right; since the days of dialup modems and Compuserve. We’ve been here living the internet business experience since the beginning. Why does that matter? Internet Business Consulting is a hardball…

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Unlimited Web Hosting from Rovin Net

Rovin Net – At Your Servers is proud to announce our new Unlimited Web Hosting Services. Since 1997 we have lead the way in privacy and security while delivering the best of class hosting and development services for our customers. Our leadership continues as we take the big boys head on with a new unlimited…

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Rovin Net is shutting down dialup service

We wanted to share this news with our loyal members as soon as possible. It has been a long time coming, but on April 30th, 2009 at midnight, Rovin Net Internet Service (after over 12 years in the dialup business) will finally turn down it’s nationwide network of dialup ports and interconnections. This means that…

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Configuring your POP Email

Hi folks; Well the Rovin Net email system migration is now complete and our server logs show most members are seeing the new system. If you are seeing this new website and message then your location is caught up to the DNS changes. Now that the email is pointed to the Google Apps system, you…

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Email System Migration

Dear Rovin Net Subscriber; As you are aware we are in the process of switching our email system over to Google Apps to provide 7 Gigs of space, Free Document management, customer Start page and other cool features. This migration has taken several weeks and the final step is being performed over the weekend. This…

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